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Today we want to dedicate this space to talk about our most important part. social and inclusive .

A year ago, when the project was just an idea captured in a Power-point presentation, one of the first initial brand values ​​was to create a very strong connection with the women around us. We knew we wanted to create community, awareness, strength, but we also wanted the brand to be able to give VISIBILITY to the most muted female voices in society, we wanted to create OPPORTUNITIES for them, we wanted GET INVOLVED next to them.

"This is how we understood that our brand should EMPOWER other women"

women empowerment

This idea was not only maintained over time, but it grew along with the project, becoming more and more important and being one of the fundamental pillars of the brand .

That is why, when the time came to look for collaborators and involve suppliers, we wanted to opt for workshops that created spaces where workers felt safe, cared for and valued for their work, and where they encouraged individual and group empowerment , as well as training in textile manufacturing.

A space where opportunities are created for women at risk of social exclusion.

social workshop women empowerment

Photo of one of our social workshops located in Madrid

Furthermore, we want to be a brand INCLUSIVE for all of you , that you can see yourselves reflected in NOY, that you feel that you are part of the community that is being built.

And to do this, aware that we were born with points for improvement, we want to tell you that we have BIG PROJECTS for the brand; a ROADMAP where it will take us to the exact point where we want to be so that each and every one of you feels that you are part of the project.

  • Expansion of our sizes
  • Women at risk of social exclusion

Do you want to know everything that is to come? Join our movement and be part of NOY


Marta & Arantxa

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